June 22, 2019: "Common Memories" by Anna Soltys

This is my final song for the Rise Up Music Projects. Thank you so much for inviting me, and challenging me to be part of this creation push. It came at the perfect time.. well… the busiest time… but perfect non the less. Creating work is something we always find an excuse not to do, and well.. we all have a limited amount of time here. I won’t go down that path right now, but Thank You. This last song is dedicated to memories, to time, to feeling haunted, and to progress through all things. At times it feel like we are but a mirage skating atop cotton candy clouds. I sometimes believe in reincarnation, I sometimes believe we have all been here before, I sometimes believe I hold memories beyond my time here, I know for certain the common memories we share with others will transcend everything we think we know. The only time I had to write this song was 5am on Thursday before my son woke up… So I hope you enjoy, and Thank You again!!! for having me and for listening.

You can check out my latest CD at Annasoltysmusic.com and my Public Art work at SoltysART.com.